Thursday, June 2, 2016

High Waisted Jeans

I know I have been failing Thrift Thursdays lately...but this one is a good one! Summer is officially here in Virginia. We went from a horrible 3 week span of rain and dreary weather to HOT summer temperatures. Where did spring go?!?!

I was a little disappointed because I found these awesome high waist jeans and cute white boho top that I only got to wear once...I guess I have to wait for fall now to show off this cute outfit. The jeanswere only $4.45 and the white top was $3.00. So this cute retro look was under 8.00!! Heck yeah! Ohhhh and BOHO is SOOOO in right now :) I paired it with some cute strappy blue sandals that I bought on clearance in Park City a few years back on vacation and a TopShop floppy hat that I got on clearance for $22 (similar).

One of the reasons I LOVE thrifting is because you can experiment with your style. I would not normally pick out these jeans at a retail store, but I thought what the heck, if they look horrible it was only the price of a morning latte. It is just so exciting to be able to pick out styles that you would not normally try for extremely low risk in spending too much money. Hope this look inspires you to go for something WAY outside your norm and have fun with fashion!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Perfect DIY Garden Themed Bridal Shower

I've been a little MIA lately as we are in the process of buying/selling a home. It has been craziness!! So I took a little break from all the documentation and stress to share some shower details!

Remember my DIY succulent post...well there were about 101 more beautiful little details that went into this beautiful DIY garden themed bridal shower. I couldn't help myself not posting these beautiful details and I hope you enjoy them!

Another one of our personally created horse shoe chalkboard cheese plate was a perfect addition at this stunning horse property and shower detail.

Oh hello mimosa bar!

Isn't the bike adorable!! Can you believe I found this on the street marked for trash?!?! It was in BRAND NEW condition and FREE, so all I did was reupholster the seat with a really pretty fun fabric to match the colors on the bike, and viola! we had the most adorable sign at the entry of the party.

Hope you enjoyed these details as much as I did and get inspired for your next event with these great garden themed ideas!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Baby Shower Cake - DIY Style

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a dear friends baby shower. She is Kimberly's twin sister and although they do not look alike, they are both super fabulous in their own unique ways and hold a very special place in my heart. Brittney is having a girl...whohooo...I am overjoyed that I have a friend having a girl close to Hartley's age. Play dates, make-up, dresses, dolls, bows and we come!

This cake was really a team effort. Kimberly tackled the DIY tutu cake stand, while I made the cake, cake topper, and assembled it for the shower. I'm no cake maker, but sometimes it's fun to tackle something new and work off of a Pinterest inspiration :)

You know when you have a bestie when she takes step-by-step pictures for you to capture how to make something PERFECT…thanks Kimberly!!

How she made this adorable DIY tutu cake stand. She cut a rubber placemat the diameter of the cake stand she had. Then she wrapped a piece of yarn around the edge and attaching it about every 1" with a drop of hot glue. With two colors of glittered tulle, she started making loops to adhere the tulle to the piece of yawn (perfect simple no sew solution). She kept alternating the pink and lavender tulle until she made it all around the stand.

I baked the cake the night before. I choose a delicious French Vanilla flavor. Saturday morning all I did was cut the two 9" round cakes I made in half each so my bottom layer had 4 cake layers and in between layers I put vanilla icing and a blackberry preserve. I placed 4 cake sticks in the middle of my bottom layer to serve as a support system for the top layer. I did a crumb coating of icing, which actually served as my final "rustic" look for icing as I was following a version I saw on Pinterest that I LOVED.

After the bottom layer was assembled on the stand I cut my two 6" round cakes I made in half each so my top layer had 4 cake layers and in between layers I put vanilla icing and a blackberry preserve. Once the top layer was assembled separately, I used a large spatula to carefully place the top layer on the bottom layer. I placed three large kabob sticks from the top to the bottom in a triangle pattern through all the layers to give it a little bit more stability since I did have to transport it. Then, just ice top layer like bottom.

The topper I created by using:
  1. hard stock paper - pink 
  2. burlap twine
  3. hot glue
  4. scissors
  5. gold letter stickers
  6. straws/kabob sticks
  • Cut the paper in about 2" long rectangle and then make the V by cutting into the middle from both sides, bend the paper in half so it is like a small tent
  • Place the letter stickers on the paper
  • Once the letters are all made, take your twine (or ribbon) and put the inside crease of you tent over the twine and secure the two side together over the twine with hot glue
  • Once all letters are attached to the twine, you are ready to attach to the straw/sticks by simply wrapping and knotting the twine
Finish the cake off with some beautiful fresh flowers. The tulips and baby's breath were perfect for this lavender spring themed shower.

I was so proud to show this off at the shower and all the details Kimberly and her mother put together were absolutely amazing. Kaelyn has a wonderful family that is very excited to meet her!

Monday, April 18, 2016

DIY Succulent Favors

How beautiful are these simple DIY succulent favors? If you have been on Pinterest or as obsessed with Joanna Gaines as I am, I'm sure you've seen some great succulent displays and these definitely measure up to all the hype for these adorable little plants.

I had the honor (along with the other fantastic bridesmaids and mother of the bride) to host a stunning, picture perfect DIY garden themed bridal shower (more pics to come!) and these favors were an absolute guest favorite. I mean who can resist them...they are just too darn cute!

How to make your own:

We ordered everything off Amazon. It made it super easy and the prices were either comparable or cheaper than home improvement stores.
  1. Order gorgeous succulents (the maid of honor order two 20 packs in 2" pots and she had some extras to make some adorable displays in her home)
  2. Order succulent soil mix (this is a large bag, we only used about half for this entire project)
  3. Order mini metal buckets (I had the idea of buying thrift store tea cups, but for such a large shower this would have been a little costly, but if you have a smaller group this would be so pretty!)
  4. Make or buy some 'Thank You' tags (these were on clearance from Michaels)
All you do is take the each plant out of it's plastic pot, put about a 1/4" of soil on the bottom of the tin bucket in place your succulent in. You may have to fight it a little out of the plastic pot, but be gentle. Then make sure it's secure in it's new tin home. *If you use a different pot, just add enough soil for the succulent to match the height of the new container.

Add the 'Thank You' tag by threading a loop through the handle. You can also tie a ribbon or any other cute accessory will work.

That's it!! How simple!

Don't forgot to water them before your party and about once a week.

Can't wait for this beautiful wedding! Only 3 more weeks!!

Friday, April 8, 2016

DIY Wedding Cake Topper

So how stunning is this DIY wedding cake topper? I was pretty amazed with myself tackling this project A. because I was nervous as crap that it wouldn't turn out good and the bride would hate it and B. because Willie thought I was nuts and asked "how are you going to make all that come together and not look weird"?

Well it did! (ohhh and an extra bonus I got to prove my husband wrong!)

When my childhood horse riding friend asked me to make this, I was completely honored and so excited for her amazing vintage military black, white, and gold themed wedding. We found some beautiful vintage earrings/boraches at antique and thrift stores and then filled in the gaps with different sized pearls. For the edges we used those two sized pearls in their stranded version for super easy application. 

All you need is:
- white wood letter, 9-Inch
- stranded pearls of two different sizes
- vintage brooches or earrings (use a plier to bend the backing back and forth until it breaks off so it will lay flat (if you can't find these, here are some crystal pearl button and crystal pearl rhinestone buttons that will work perfectly)
- hot glue gun and glue
- sturdy chop or wooden sticks (slightly drill into the bottom of the letter for these to be put up in the hole with hot glue)
*Make sure your cake lady is aware that you are using this topper and she can help secure with rods in cake structure

Start with a great layout...

Begin with drilling and inserting your sticks into the bottom of the letter. Then, start by placing your pearls on the outer edge. I put the larger size pearls in the middle and then run the smaller pearls on the outside.

Once you get the edges done, start placing your broaches and earrings on the front in the layout you designed. Once your entire layout is complete, finish by placing individual pearls in the gaps to give it a super polished look! That's it!! This turned out so amazing and honestly jealous that for my vintage inspired wedding I hasn't done this topper!

Erica and Joe, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and I was so lucky to be part of your beautiful wedding and very special day. xoxo

Photos courtesy of Alisandra Photography -

Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Easter Look

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend!

Spring has also sprung on the blog! What do you think if the new design? Ahh so happy for this beautiful weather and see all the flowers starting to bloom. It is definitely my favorite season!
My entire Easter outfit was thrifted and only cost $26.85! Yes...under $30 for an entire outfit including shoes!

Let's break it down:

$6.00 - Apt9 nude heels
$4.45 - Banana Republic long sleeve shirt
$8.95 - Simply Vera faux fur vest
$7.45 - Lee floral pants

I also had to feature Hartley's adorable Easter outfit because she simply stole the show at church with this cute dress/jacket combo. I mean how freakin' darling is she? It was only $6 and with all the comments she got, you would have thought it cost me hundreds! One of my best thrift purchases to date!

This was my first time hosting Easter and I just went super simple on the table by using my mother's and father's wedding china, my yard sale antique placemats/napkins, and finished it off with these stunning vintage champagne glasses filled with a delicious bubbly rose.